FINANŠU UN NODOKĻU SERVISS provides full service outsourcing for:
– micro, small and medium limited companies and joint-stock companies;
– individuals, that do commercial activities;
– individual merchants;
– associations;
– foundations;
– foreign representations and branches.


liable insured accountancy services;
consultations regarding accountancy and taxes;
accountancy audit;
liquidations of limited companies;
accounts for micro-tax payers;
Registration and exclusion from the VAT payers register;
Annual declarations for mariners;
Legal address and reception of correspondence;
communication with clients in Latvian, Russian and English.


Accountancy and Tax consultations for everyone
I want to be a honest tax payer, but I do not know how!
Is it favourable to register myself as a micro-tax payer?
Should I register a SIA or as a physical person in VID (State Revenue Service) ?
How often and what kind of reports do I have to submit?
How can I enter the EDS (Electronical Declaration System) system and create a report?
If I have missed the deadline for submitting the reports, will I be fined?
Should I register as a VAT payer?
How can I additionally pay the social tax?
What costs can I include in the costs of business activities?
I feel that I am completely lost in all the taxes and reports. What should I do?

You will receive all answers to these and other questions when contacting as.


By assigning accountancy services,clients can be certain of the level of professionalism of accountancy, clients can be sure, that services will be provided without mistakes and in due time in accordance with legislations of Republic of Latvia. Clients economize because they do not have to pay for accountant’s improvement of professional skills, also clients do not have to arrange separate work place for an accountant and does not have to pay for the licence of the accountancy computer program.